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Clint Lee

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I'm really looking forward to next week's sneak peek webinar of Salesforce's new DaaS (database-as-a-service) appropriately named Database.com. Salesforce is touting the new service as the premiere cloud database for enterprises "that is designed for the next generation of collaborative, mobile and real-time apps." The question I have is will Database.com give any real or affordable options for handling big data? What is Big Data? To simplify, big data refers to datasets that are so large they become unmanageable using traditional database management tools (think hundreds of terabytes or event petabytes of data). Big Data datasets can also be highly unstructured, meaning that the data in them doesn't fit neatly into a traditional relational database. Handling this type of data requires new sets of tools and frameworks that are designed for capturing, storing, searc... (more)

A Business Use Case for Batch Apex

I want to share a recent real-world use case where Batch Apex was used to achieve our goal.  If you’re not familiar with Batch Apex you can find more here in the Salesforce Development Docs. Business Use Case An organization’s sales team is using Salesforce CRM primarily to manage their Leads, Contacts, and opportunities. This is akin to a retail setting whereby there are multiple physical locations and each location has its own sales team and sales manager (think car dealership).  In this setting, Leads (and/or Contacts) enter through multiple channels such as internet marketing,... (more)

Trigga What?

I do some consulting work for non-profit organizations that use Salesforce.com.  There are so many non-profits that use Salesforce but many often lack the internal resources necessary to truly realize the benefits of adopting it.  It is highly rewarding work and I would encourage you to check out the Salesforce Foundation as one way of getting involved with non-profits who use Salesforce. The Salesforce Foundation has a very successful program that gives non-profits the ability to get 10 donated (free) Enterprise Edition user licenses. This is a great program that offers a huge ... (more)

Send SMS from Salesforce

Ever send SMS messages to your Contacts and Leads? I recently had a conversation with a fairly new Salesforce customer who wanted to send SMS messages to their leads and contacts.  They had been using another CRM system that gave them this ability and it’s an integral part of the way they communicate with leads and prospects.  The great thing about Salesforce and the Force.com platform is that there are multiple ways to achieve this goal.  A quick search of the AppExchange will bring up a number of options.  Or, if one of these options doesn’t fit your needs you could build it on... (more)

Salesforce + Twilio + Receiving Incoming Texts

Recently, I've been toying with mashing up Salesforce and Twilio's SMS capabilities.  For those of you who don't know what Twilio is, you should check it out.  Twilio is a web service that gives you the ability to integrate voice and SMS into your apps and they have a simple API and documentation.  This is a pretty handy service and there are a lot of use case scenarios where this functionality makes sense.  For example: Text-based marketing to leads/contacts. Notification of certain events to sales reps or field personnel. A text-based web service that runs on Force.com. Kyle R... (more)